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We are Remedial Massage & Sports Massage Specialists and our Remedial Massage team at Aavago Remedial Massage Gold Coast Robina are well trained in dealing with many types of injuries and painful ailments. We have even had success with clients who have had nowhere else to turn. So make sure you try us before giving up!

The team is headed by Marjorie and Warren Cornelius who have some 50 years experience between them and have won the prestigious, 'Best Clinical Practices Award' . We also provide Corporate & Mobile Massage.

We are members of Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMA) Association and provide Private Health Fund Rebates via Hicaps.

Massage treatments available are: Remedial massage, Deep Tissue massage, Therapeutic massage, Sports massage, Relaxation massage, Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage, Aromatherapy massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage, Corporate massage and Mobile massage.

"Don't compromise your health, come to the best!" - Aavago Remedial Massage Gold Coast in Robina Town Centre


Remedial / Deep Tissue $85 per hour $55 per half hour
Breaks down the fibrous and scar tissue, restoring elasticity to the muscles, creating greater mobility within the joints of the body. Increases circulation and improves muscle tone. Releases pain and tension.
Lymphatic Drainage $85 per hour $55 per half hour
This particular method uses very light pressure, assisting in the removal of body toxins and body fluid retention.
Aromatherapy $85 per hour $55 per half hour
Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy using highly concentrated essential oils. A harmonising body massage incorporating pressure points and deep massage techniques, to soothe and calm the mind, releasing muscular tension and restoring positive energy.
Sports $85 per hour $55 per half hour
Preventative, recovery and maintenance. From elite to social athletes and dancers. Helps envigorate muscles in preparation for better performance. Assists in speedy recovery from training or competition. Prevents repetitive strain and injuries from occurring.
Pregnancy $85 per hour $55 per half hour
Can be both a treat and a therapy to ease some of the aches and pains caused by the pressures of pregnancy. It is recommended that you wait until the end of your first trimester (12 weeks), before seeking any form of pregnancy massage.
Swedish / Relaxation $85 per hour $55 per half hour
Rejuvenate or pamper yourself. The main purpose of Swedish massage/relaxation massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. A whole mind and body experience. Totally relaxing
Corporate Massage Please Call
Time to reward you and your employees with a rejuvenating, fully clothed neck and shoulder massage. Call us to find out more....
Mobile Massage Please Call
You do not have to drive. Save time and relax in your own home, we will come to you. Remedial or therapeutic massage.