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We repeatedly get requests for further information on the following topic:

1. Do Type of Massage do I need?

We generally respond by initially asking a couple of informative questions. They are:

Relating to the effected painful area: 

a:) Did you have an extreme event/accident or situation where you thought you experienced a sudden pop/tear/rip or strain in the painful area in question?


b:) Did the painful area in question develop over a period of time, maybe starting with a slight discomfort then escalating or deteriorating to a worse or more painful/stiff or ‘knotty’ state?

Generally speaking if you experienced:

a:) Then you could have possibly experienced a type of tear injury of the muscle/tendon/ligament – this of course should have been treated immediately with an ice pack to help reduce the swelling (if you need further information on treatment please refer to first aid facts: St.Johns Ambulance Service). An initial period of the first 24 to 72 hours will allow for some of the swelling or pain to subside. If your symptoms or pain levels have not improved or get worse, then you should seek further advice from a doctor or physiotherapist. If they have subsided but still feel tight/sore or uncomfortable then you may have a minor tear or strain. The likelihood is that Minor tears or strains will create some tension and/or spasm in the surrounding areas of the painful area. Remedial Massage can be a great way to help improve the painful area by releasing some of the tension in the muscles and help with improving range of movement – this should encourage pain relief and the easing of tension in the area. It can also be assessed at the time of your massage treatment if you may possibly need further medical assistance.

b:) This is more likely to be a knot/muscle spasm that has developed from overuse or prolonged activity doing similar actions and then turned into a chronic state (prolonged tension). It is surprising how much pain can develop with this type of ailment. It also possible that you didn’t experience any pain until you went to ‘put your sock on’ or ‘picked up a light toy’ off the ground – then ‘bang’ a spasm kicks in. Then Remedial Massage or Deep Tissue Massage can really help release these muscle spasms or tension areas by breaking up the built up fibrous tissue of the muscle, loosen up and generally allow blood to flow freely and allow flexibility back into the effected area. It can also be surprising how much relief can be obtained from just one session.

This information is of course of a general nature and you may have some concerns of a more specific personal need. If you are unsure of what you should do – then please give us a call at Aavago Remedial Massage on Ph: 0414 986 790 and one of our friendly therapists will be only to happy to help you.